Water/Wastewater Rates

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For those customers that routinely pay a utility bill in person, we strongly encourage you to use various other options available when making a payment on your Southside Place utility account. You can mail in the payment or utilize the city drop box located next to the front door of City Hall. Southside Place also offers auto draft options. 

Billing & Rates

Our billing cycle is a bimonthly billing cycle running during the following months:
  • February
  • April
  • June
  • August
  • October
  • December

New Rates

Water meters are read every two months on the 10th. Wastewater rates from December and February usage are used to determine a winter average.
  • Water
    • Residential water rates are $5.81 per thousand
    • Commercial water rates are $5.62 per thousand
  • Wastewater
    • Residential wastewater rates are $5.02 per thousand
    • Commercial wastewater rates are $5.17 per thousand


In mid 2022, the City of Southside Place will review a new five year water/wastewater plan. Southside Place receives 80% of our water from the City of Houston. Yearly surface water amounts total 100 million gallons for both residential and commercial districts. City of Houston increased surface water rates by 4.3% in 2022

Meter Sizing

  • Less than 1 inch: $20.80
  • 1 inch: $27.52
  • 1.5 inches:$34.24
  • 2 inches:$52.74

Southside Place 2021 Water Report

The 2021 Southside Place Drinking Water Report is available at City Hall and on the website. Southside Place purchases 80% of its drinking water from the City of Houston.

2021 Drinking Water Quality Report

2020 Drinking Water Quality Report

2019 Drinking Water Quality Report

2018 Drinking Water Quality Report