In order to rent the clubhouse you must be a resident of Southside Place or have a resident sponsor your event.

The Clubhouse was built in 2004 and is the central gathering place for City citizens. The Clubhouse is both a facility to serve the community and an asset to be preserved. With this in mind, the City strives to accommodate all Season Pass holders and other citizens while still maintaining the Clubhouse responsibly.

Clubhouse Rental Rates

Entire Clubhouse

*$100 janitorial fee if serving food/drink
Season pass holders receive a 25% discount at checkout.
2 hour minimum

Clubhouse Rules & Rental Policy

Here is an outline some of the City's facility rental policies, rules, and procedures. Please take a few moments to review below. Should you have any questions or concerns, please allow us the opportunity to address them during the reservation process.

Groups or individuals may the Clubhouse pursuant to the rules and rates outlined below. Please note that we no longer offer single room rentals at the clubhouse. A clubhouse rental includes the entire facility: restrooms, kitchen, big room, both small rooms, and the deck. 


  • When you submit a rental request online, it is not guaranteed or final until you receive a permit confirmation email.


The maximum capacity for the big room is 160 people and 36 people for each of the small rooms.

What is included?

  • Use of the facilities: restrooms, kitchen, big room, both small rooms, and the deck. The field is used on a first come, first served basis and cannot be rented.
  • Tables and chairs are included with your rental. You are responsible for setting up and cleaning up chairs and tables. We have 19 5' round tables, 10 6' rectangular tables, and over 200 chairs.

Who can rent the clubhouse?

  • To rent the Clubhouse, a renter must be a Southside Place citizen over the age of 21 or have a Southside Place citizen sponsor the rental. The sponsoring citizen must be present at the event. In addition, the sponsoring citizen must email the staff members to confirm they are sponsoring the event and will be present.

When is payment due?

  • Upon approval by a city staff member and receipt of the invoice, you have 72 hours to pay the amount owed. After 72 hours, your request may be cancelled, and you will have to restart the booking process. We accept checks and credit cards for all deposits, fees, and rates. Note: As of August 9, 2022, there will be a 4% fee assessed for all credit card transactions.
  • Please make checks payable to the City of Southside Place. 

Additional Fees

  • All renters serving food and drink will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.

Building Access

  • Key pick-up and return is handled during normal business hours, Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM at City Hall (6309 Edloe St) and the police department (University Blvd entrance) after hours or on weekends. 
  • A key return mail slot is located next to the front doors of Town Center. Failure to return keys will result in a $100 missing key fine, which will be taken from your deposit. You will also be held accountable for damaged property. 

Event Setup and Cleanup

  • The rental time starts when you open the door and ends when you leave. Do not come earlier as the clubhouse is often rented back-to-back. 
  • If you would like setup time, include it in the time you rent the clubhouse.

  • The renter is responsible for setting up and putting away furniture.
  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned and put back where they were taken from and in an orderly fashion.
  • Trash bags should be taken out of the clubhouse and placed inside of the wooden fence between the field and clubhouse (East side towards Edloe).
  • At the end of the event, trash cans need to be placed in the mens restroom hallway. Bags should be removed and placed in the wooden fence as described above.
  • If serving food/drink, tablecloths must be used.
  • All rentals must be out of the facility by midnight. This rule is firm and non-negotiable. This means the facility must be cleaned and the lights out at midnight.
  • All toilets must be flushed, faucets turned off and bathroom lights turned off.
  • The kitchen must be left as it was found. Do not open the dishwasher while it is in operation. If you must open the dishwasher while it is running, you must then restart it in order for the dishwasher to complete its cleaning cycle.
  • All lights, including the back patio light, must be turned off.
  • The exterior doors must be locked before you leave the clubhouse. To ensure that the doors are locked properly, please make sure they are flush together and latched.


  • Alcohol may be brought into the Clubhouse only if you have two police officers on duty. At least on police officer present must be from Southside Place Police Department. Your party will be shut down in the event staff members see alcohol at a party without police officers. In addition, you will lose your deposit and will no longer have the privilege of reserving space with the City of Southside Place.


  • Police officers may also be required by city staff for events with alcohol, large events, DJs, class parties, etc.
    • Two police officers on duty are required in the event you have a reservation which requires security. At least one police officer present must be from Southside Place Police Department.


  • Parking is on the residential side of the street only. Do not block driveways or fire hydrants.
  • No parking or unloading on the park side of the block on Garnet, Farbar, or ether of the side streets.


  • A city employee may stop by the Clubhouse during your reservation.
  • If your party reaches unreasonable noise levels, as determined by the Southside Place Police Department, you will be given one warning. A second visit for unreasonable noise will result in removal from the facilities, loss or your deposit, and you will no longer be in good standing to rent the clubhouse.
  • The Clubhouse must be rented no less than two weeks before your event.
  • No pets or glass containers allowed.
  • No live animals/petting zoos/livestock of any kind in the clubhouse or park field.
  • No dragging of chairs and tables. Please LIFT AND CARRY this equipment while setting up and putting away. You may also use the dollies provided inside the closet with the tables and chairs.
  • No open flame, sparklers, or other means of fire, with the exception of birthday candles.
  • Confetti, glow sticks/bracelets, and bubble and foam machines are prohibited (this includes the park field.)
  • Any balloons MUST be weighted. If one of your balloons is released inside the clubhouse and caught in our rafters, your deposit will not be refunded.
  • Nothing is to be taped, pinned, or fastened to the walls in any manner. You may use blue painters tape only on windows, doors, or the walls. PLEASE NO TAPE ON THE TABLES.
  • During your event, do not turn the A/C below 68 degrees. After your event, please turn the thermostats back up to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter.
Failure to follow the cleaning rules outlines above shall result in the assessment of fines and loss of deposit. Fines, plus repair costs, shall also be assessed for any damages. The city of Southside Place will determine the amount of any fines. Renters who leave the clubhouse in disorder and/or fail to pay fines in a timely manner shall forfeit any deposit and "good standing" status and their right to rent the clubhouse. Members protesting the imposition of fines may appeal directly to the City Manager.

A copy of this rental agreement will be supplied to you upon approval of your reservation and must be signed and returned along with payment within 72 hours of your rental being approved by city staff. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your event. 

Additional Onsite Responsibilities

The City of Southside Place is enforcing “No Parking” on the south side of Garnet Street and on all other sides of the street adjacent to park grounds. Please inform your guests about this parking mandate to avoid ticketing. Food Trucks are an exception to this “No Parking” rule, but Southside Place police suggest any food trucks should park on the clubhouse side of Garnet Street between the clubhouse steps and the street corner by the tennis courts.

If you are using inflatables or other party /carnival attractions, the delivery and setup vehicles are NOT allowed to drive up on the grassy field area. Please ask vendor to use hand trucks and plywood for setup to protect the grassy fields. No exceptions.


In case of emergency, call Southside Place Police Department at 713-668-2341.