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warning signTraffic Alert -Harper

The north side of Harper St. is currently under construction. The street may be used for local traffic only. 

The contracting crew is working on the north side of Harper towards Auden. Phases 11-12 are well underway and should be complete around the end of January. Construction will then work on Auden from Harper towards Auden. The project will be complete in March.

City-Wide Drainage Improvement Project in Final Stages 

Total Contracting, Ltd. is on schedule to complete the 2023-2024 drainage and street improvement project by March 2024. Contract crews will continue to work along Harper until late January. February and March will be the final section along Auden from Harper to University. Large concrete drainage pipes are being placed under the new street pavement along Edloe, Harper, and a portion of Auden. The last street and drainage project was completed in the late 1990s. Once complete in early 2024, the drainage system will exceed a two-year storm event. The new drainage system will also have an impact in reducing ponding by over five inches during a 100-year storm event. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) information sheet has been distributed to residents and can also be found here

Southside Place 100 Year Celebration 192100 Year SSP v6 copy4 - 2024

As many of you know, 2024 marks the 100th birthday of the founding of Southside Place! While many things have changed over the last 100 years, the special connection that residents feel to our community has remained the same.

Our Centennial Committee is planning some fun events to observe this milestone, culminating in a grand celebration in October. We know that everyone is busy, so we will be providing informal activities throughout the year and incorporating some Centennial flair into existing events. Our goal is to include as many SSP residents as possible!

Please visit the 100 Year Celebration page for more information on upcoming events and activities, as well as fun facts about the city.

2023 City Tax Bills are Due

City property tax bills for 2023 have been mailed. The Over 65 exemption is $185,000. "Homestead Exemptions Not Available" is printed on all residential bills. City Tax bills are separate from your county bill. If needed, please drop-off your city tax bill in the night deposit box. Please call us if you need an additional 2023 tax bill copy.

Poor Farm Ditch Funds - $32 Million

Harris County Flood Control District has been secured in the amount of $32 Million. Flood Control will begin surveying the ditch and easement areas along Edloe in January 2024. Edloe residents will be notified of surveying crews and property access schedules via mail. A public meeting will follow in 2024 as to engineering plans and construction schedules. 

Water/Sewer Rate Winter Averaging in Southside

Winter averaging occurs during the billing cycle months of December and February. 

Park Season Pass in 2024

Thank you for a wonderful 2023 season with swim team events, pool parties, lap swimming, and other family recreational activities. The 2024 season is here, and new forms are now available on the city website.

Utility Rate Increases with December Billing

City of Houston officials continue to make large annual rate adjustments for purchased treated surface water. Southside Place is required to purchase 80% of its drinking water from the City of Houston. Houston surface water rates are increasing over the next 5 years. Residential and commercial water rates will increase with this December billing cycle.

Merry Mulching to All!

The City of Southside Place will be recycling holiday trees for the 22nd consecutive year. Please have your tree at the curb by January 19 for pick-up. Holiday mulch will be made available to residents beginning January 29. Please call us for the magical mulch delivery.

$0.340896 Adopted Tax Rate and Budget News

The adopted 2023 tax rate is 0.340896 per $100 valuation. The tax rate has increased from last year as a result of the ongoing city drainage improvement and street reconstruction project. The city debt includes monies for the clubhouse acquisition, Town Center, community pool, 2008 water/sewer infrastructure improvements, and the $7.5 million drainage improvement project. The 2023 tax rate remains lower than Bellaire. Capital projects for 2023 include a police vehicle purchase and clubhouse repairs. In FY 2023, water plant upgrades totaling $456,000 occurred. 

Recycling Flyer 2023

Southside Place Yard Waste Recycling Bio Bags 1/2 off Purchases at City Hall

33-gallon compostable Bio Bags are now available at city hall for purchase. Yard waste will be recycled into compost, mulch, and soils. 

  • What it includes
    • The program will start in phases. Currently, only BAGGED grass, leaves, and small yard clippings will be accepted.  Yard waste will be recycled into compost, mulch, and soils. Maximum bag weight is 40 pounds.
  • How you bag it
    • Your yard waste must be placed in 33-gallon BioBags, special compostable bags which meet all specifications from our recylcing vendor, as well as the handling requirements of the city's Public Works Department. BioBags are now available for purchase ON SALE at City Hall by the case (120 bags for $70 $35) or by the box (10 bags for $6 $3.) Because the bags are compostable, we suggest you store them in a climate-controlled area in your home. 
  • When and where it will be collected
    • Yard waste will be collected on the same days as your trash. Please place your yard waste bag on the opposite side of your driveway from your trash; it will be collected at a different time from trash.
  • What to tell your lawn service
    • If your yard maintenance service typically leaves your yard waste bagged and on your property, please encourage them to use the approved bags. Otherwise, it will be collected with trash.
  • What NOT to do
    • Do NOT use any other bags except BioBags purchased from the city.
    • Do NOT place contaminants in the bag - no dog waste or trash, paper, or plastics. 
    • Do NOT put your bagged yard waste at the curb anytime except during the approved window for trash, which is no earlier than 6PM on the evening before your trash is collected.
  • Why is this important
    • The city estimates that approximately 40% of our waste stream is comprised of yard waste. The cost per ton of recycling our yard waste is less than the cost per ton of trash disposal, so not only is yard waste recycling the sustainable choice, but it also saves the city money. Yard waste recycling is optional, but we strongly urge you to join your neighbors and help keep Southside green!
  • Who to contact with questions

Auden Drainage Improvements / 2025-2026

The proposed project will remove and replace existing undersized storm sewer laterals at the residential intersections of south Haper. 

Leaf Blower Rules and Regulations

Please remember that Non-residents shall not operate any leaf blower on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays per city ordinance #168.

Bike Safety

We encourage cyclists of any age to be safe and responsible as they enjoy their rides around the city. This video from AAA provides an introduction to bike safety and sharing the road with vehicles and other cyclists. You can also visit their website for more information on bicycle safety. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Southside Place Police Department.

AAA - Riding Skills and Tips

Southisde Place 2022 Water Report

The 2022 Southside Place Drinking Water Report will be available on July 1 at City Hall and here on the website. Southside Place purchases 80% of its drinking water from the City of Houston. Southside Place water rates will change with the October billing cycle as a result of a 9.2% surface water fee increase from City of Houston. 

2022 Drinking Water Report

New City Flood Prevention Ordinance Regarding Residential Construction

Harris County has provided new guidelines to all cities regarding flood prevention measures for residential construction. These regulations include the 500-year floodplain, and new construction methods. Please have your architect and builder contact city hall for additional information. 

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Who Knew Texas' Greatest Dog Hero was from Southside Place?

Southside presents a children's book, Happy: The True Story of a Stray Dog Who Became a Hero. This illustrated book recounts the story of a neighborhood dog who saved two Darcus Street families from a house fire in 1931 and set into motion the birth of our Southside Volunteer Fire Department. Happy's heroism also earned him the title of Texas' Greatest Dog Hero of 1931.

Pick up your copy of Happy and a "happy in Southside" t-shirt at City Hall.

* Royalties from book sales benefit the Houston SPCA

HCFCD Flood Warning System

Sign Up with HCFCD to Receive Customizable Water Level and Rainfall Alerts

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has announced enhancements to their website to provide residents the option to receive automated alerts regarding water levels and rainfall via text message, email, or both.

Harris County Flood Warning System Alert Sign Up

Harris County Flood Warning System Map

Staff Contacts - 713-668-2341 City Hall Phone Number

Department Staff Contact Email
Police Department Chief McCall
Fire Department Chief Serrano
Building Department Stephanie Leal
Utility/Water Payments Stephanie Leal
Inspections Stephanie Leal
Municipal Court Olga Garza
Donna Terrell
Public Works - Water, 
Waste Water, Sanitation
Steve Kenney
Parks and Rec - Pool, 
Clubhouse, Pavilion
Andrew Deavers
Donna Terrell or call 832-509-4642
Administration David Moss
City Hall General Questions David Moss

City Election for Southside Place

Please contact City Secretary Olga Garza for questions or comments at 713-668-2341 or email her at

City Election for Southside Place - Election Page
 New Harris County Voting System - Video

Notice of General Election for Municipalities 2024 

 For more information on the New Harris County Voting System,
 please see the video on the page above.

Recycling FAQ's

  • How do I put my recycling at the Curb?
    • You may collect it all in one or more containers, for instance, in cardboard boxes that you plan to recycle anyway. Paper grocery bags are fine, too, but please do not use plastic bags!
  • Do I have to separate the different types of recycling?
    • NO, you may co-mingle your recyclables in one or more containers! There's no need to separate plastics from paper from metal from glass.
  • Are plastic lids on plastic containers recyclable?
    • YES, caps and lids smaller than 2" in diameter are recyclable but you must put them back on empty containers before recycling them. Larger lids may be recycled separately from their containers.
  • Are plastic tubes, such as those used for shampoo, lotion or sunscreen, recyclable?
    • Yes, plastic tubes are recyclable. For best results, snip off the bottom of the tube for easy rinsing.
  • May I recycle the pump in my big plastic lotion bottle?
    • You may! But your favorite lotion (or shampoo, cleaning product, etc) may offer a refill option for your pump bottle. Check it out.
  • What about aerosol spray cans?
    • Yes, these are recyclable. Make sure they are completely empty.
Recycling Items
  • What do I do with plastic bags that say they are recyclable?
    • DO NOT recycle them with your other curbside recycling! Please go to to find out where you may recycle them. Many of the local grocery stores (HEB, Krogers, Randalls) offer bins at the entry way for recycling plastic bags.
  • Are waxed cardboard drink/food containers (ie. milk, juice, egg whites) recyclable?
    • Yes, just make sure the containers are free of food before recycling
  • What happens if my recycling is contaminated with things that should not be recycled?
    • The City's recycling is taken to Waste Management recycling facility in the City's compactor truck. If our recycling is contaminated, the City may be fined a surcharge for the entire recycling load, something we wish to avoid.
  • Pizza boxes are made of cardboard, so they are recyclable, right?
    • Yes, but pizza is inherently greasy, and this grease can soak right into the bottom of the cardboard box. Soiled cardboard cannot be recycled. But it's not all destined for the landill. Tear off the lid of the box, which is typically not soiled, and include only this part with your recyclables. If the bottom is soiled, it must go in the trash.
  • Are wet paper and cardboard ok for inclusion with my other recyclables?
    • For paper, it's a definite no. Wet paper will practically disintegrate before it can be sorted. In the case of cardboard, if it is damp from water it can be included with the other recyclables. If it is soaking wet and/or wet from anything besides water, the answer is no.
    • If heavy rain is imminent on recycling day, please save paper and cardboard for the following week.
  • Can I recycle paper mailing envelopes with plastic bubble-wrap lining?
    • No. Consider buying regular envelopes and wrapping the enclosures with paper for extra padding.
  • Are metal lids from glass jars recyclable?
    • Yes, if separated from the jar, lids larger than 2" in diameter may be recycled. Put lids smaller than 2" in diameter in the trash, and never recycle jars with the lids attached. Separated lids less than 2" diameter get caught and can jam or damage recycling equipment.
  • Can I recycle the heavy glass jars that many candles are sold in?
    • No, these types of jars are made of heat-tempered glass (similar to Pyrex) and will not melt at the glass recycler.
  • What about pottery and ceramics?
    • Nope, same as above; these won't melt at the glass recycler.

Here are some Easy Swaps that will reduce both waste and the energy required to recycle. To get started pick one disposable to avoid, like single-use plastic bottles, or you can try to avoid the BIF Four : grocery bags, plastic straws, to-go coffee cups, and plastic water bottles.


  • Sort the aluminum cans into a paper bag, this simple act of kindness helps the city employees.
  • Please flatten the corrugated cardboard boxes, this helps the city employees work more efficiently. Wet paper is collected.
  • Electronics may be recycled at Best Buys. Please visit Best Buy for more information. 
  • Batteries may be recycled at Battery Plus locations. Please visit Battery Plus Recycling for more information.
Recycling Letter
Recycling FAQs

Previous Southside Place Water Reports

The 2020 Southside Place Drinking Water Report is available at City Hall and on the website. Southside Place purchases 80% of its drinking water from the City of Houston.

2021 Drinking Water Quality Report

2020 Drinking Water Quality Report

2019 Drinking Water Quality Report

2018 Drinking Water Quality Report

Southside Place Merchandise

Visit City Hall to purchase Southside Place Merchandise. They make great gifts for the whole family!

         11 Oz. Traditional Ceramic Mug - $5
20 Oz. Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler With Straw - $10

Insulated CupT-Shirt
28 Oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler Clear Plastic Slider LidGildan Unisex Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Double Wall Vacuum Insulated - $255.3 Oz. Pre-Shrunk Cotton - $10