City Council

Mayor & City Council


The goal of the Mayor and City Council are to use public resources in a productive and effective manner, to provide citizens with a democratic process of public policies, and to determine levels of service through adoption of the annual budget.

Description of Responsibilities

The mayor and City Council are the elected representatives and policymakers for the City of Southside Place. Their function is to formulate policies and ordinances which guide the orderly development and administration of the city. The Mayor and council also serve the residents through a system of public participation, public meeting and committees.

City Council meets the second Tuesday of each month. The Mayor and City Council are elected for two year terms, with two and three vacancies on the Council occurring on alternate years. Elections are held the first Saturday in May. Any qualified voter may make application to have his or her name placed on the ballot. The Mayor and Council receive salaries of one dollar a year in accordance with State law requiring all city officials to receive monetary compensation for their services.